30 November 2012

Sneak peek

Thought i'd post a sneak peek as I haven't for a while. This little dude was a doodle that evolved into a hipster mouse with knitted cardigan and over sized glasses. I have been enjoying designing some new characters recently and will reveal some more in future posts. 
If you like my work more designs can be viewed on my website


29 November 2012


I've long been a fan of the lovely brand mikodesign, they are based in the Netherlands and produce hand screen printed products including cute toys, cushions, accessories and decorations. I love the unique, elegant and handmade qualities of mikodesign products. My particular favourite is the circus rabbit with smart bow tie and ringmaster jacket.


14 November 2012

Metallic shades

'tis the season for all things sparkly and metallic.
There are lots of lovely shiny goodies about this time of year. Copper is my particular favourite this season. Below are a few of my recent finds.